These are our safety absolutes.

Our values make us who we are. Our safety absolutes ensure we remain laser-focused on what matters most: our people. That means every concern is valid, every opportunity to improve is critical, every incident we prevent is a victory, and every life matters.

People are our greatest asset.

Accidents are not an acceptable part of doing business.

Planning is vital in all we do.

We are a learning organization.

We are an intervening organization.

What does safety mean to our team? Everything.

Craig Stephanus

For our industry to continue to make an impact in driving out workplace injuries, each of us must take ownership of safety. Getting to a place where all of us are empowered to make decisions and take action is what will allow us to take the leap from good to great.

Craig Stephanus

Safety Manager | 9 years at Eldeco

Safety is my number one goal on the job site at all times. I want everyone to go home to their families at the end of the day.

Louis Kuck

Superintendent | 21 years at Eldeco

Safety is important to me because it affects every facet of the jobsite. From the newest hire on to the seasoned veteran — we all have to build a safe work environment.

James Lockridge

Superintendent | 9 years at Eldeco

It’s not enough to be safe just at work; I think about safety in everything I do outside of work, too. If you truly value yourself and your family, then do the right things and be safe.

Philip Wilson

Safety Coordinator | 11 years at Eldeco

David Jackey

At Eldeco, being empowered to own and act on safety strikes at the heart of two of our core values: being passionate about our people, families, and customers and building lasting relationships. Being safety-minded goes beyond words on paper. It is showing actions that build and reinforce the values we believe in.

David Jacky

Senior Project Manager | 19 years at Eldeco

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This is our safety process.

Leadership Engagement

We believe safety starts with leadership, from the CEO all the way to the supervisor in the field. Our leaders believe it is our moral and ethical responsibility to ensure a healthy and safe work environment for each and every team member.

Safety Management System

Our approach to safety begins by following the nine elements of a successful safety and health system as defined by the National Safety Council.

  • Management leadership and commitment
  • Organizational communications and system documentation
  • Assessments, audits, and continuous improvement
  • Hazard recognition, evaluation, and control
  • Workplace design and engineering
  • Operational safety and health programs
  • Employee involvement
  • Motivation, behavior, and attitudes
  • Training and orientation
Risk Reduction

We believe early identification is the key to reducing risk to a manageable state during all levels of project execution. We will create a thorough Safety Risk Register for each project, enabling us to plan for, and adjust accordingly in advance of, execution in the field.

Performance Measurement + Continuous Improvement

While still relevant in our industry, metrics like Total Recordable Incident Rate and Experience Modifier Rates are lagging indicators. We believe that better success in safety hinges on proactivity. That’s why we focus on actions taken in advance of accidents, or Key Leading Indicators.

Key Leading Indicators include:
  • Safety Audits
  • Inspection Frequency + Scores
  • Safety Sampling
  • Pre-Task Planning Quality
  • Overall Quality Training Hours

We’re dedicated to safety, and we can prove it.

Eldeco’s commitment to safety extends far beyond our offices and job sites. With over 40 employee-held certifications and numerous collaborative involvements in other industry-wide safety organizations and initiatives, our team is dedicated to creating a safer work environment.

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