Enviva Pellets Northhampton LLC.

Client: Century Contractors, Inc.

Location: Garysburg, NC

Completion Date: 2013

Services Provided:

Provide the complete site power distribution and E&I process packages, site wide ductbank systems for process control, emergency power and data distribution.

Facility production capacity of 500,000 metric tons per year manufactured from a mix of sustainably harvested and untreated raw wood, waste wood and residuals. Pellets produced at this plant will be transported by truck to Enviva’s Port of Chesapeake on the Elizabeth River in Chesapeake, Va., Primarily for export to European Customers.


Our challenge was to build a complex wood pallet “Biomass” Mill with 40% design drawings as a starting point while maintaining a 7 month construction schedule. We were able to provide the right project management and engineering support to execute the extensive design assist portion of this project. A good analogy for this project — we had to design and build a plane as it was flying. We were able to work with the engineer and owner on design completion and electrical installation on a real time basis. Design was executed onsite to keep the project moving forward at an accelerated pace.