Live Safe, Work Safe- not just for jobs

Our mission “Live Safe, Work Safe” is not just for job sites. Recently one of our superintendents was the first on the scene of an accident in North Carolina where a young man was struck by a car. Because he was prepared with his truck first aid kit,  he was able to help the injured person until Emergency Medical Personnel arrived.

 He saw a person in need and acted on his training.  Such actions take courage, and we can all be proud of his efforts.

tim spears accident assistance

STA’s On and Off the Jobsite

Personal STA“Live Safe, Work Safe” came in to play this weekend as roofers prepared to begin their work-day on the roof of our VP of Operations home. After witnessing their initial set-up, he recognized a need to intervene and demonstrate a way to perform the job safely.  He shared with them the story of Regina McMichael, who spoke at our annual manager’s meeting through her company, The Learning Factory.learning factory Regina’s husband passed-away from a fall while working as a roofer.  Going above and beyond, our VP helped them prepare a Safety Task Analysis and suggested a safer means to perform their work.  It is important that we continue to strive for a safer work place not only for ourselves but for everyone, and we do everything we can to help those we encounter along the way.

Corey Arledge- Executive Safety Director

While there are many, nothing moves me to action more than “Family” and “Love”. 10 Years ago I became a Husband, 6 years ago I became a father, these 2 people count on me every day to make it back home the same way I left them. While over 4500 people annually will not be able to do that due to a work place event, I owe them my best effort so not to become another statistic. Live Safe/ Work Safe because it is the right thing to do for those who care about you! “What Do You Live For”.bdrwr[1]