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What is it?

A transforming approach to the Safety and Wellbeing of each and every employee on and off the job!

Our Mission:

“To inspire and empower each and every employee to not only avoid injuries and hazards, but claim victory over our opponent, Accidents.”

It Takes a Team:

At Eldeco, we realize our efforts towards success in business is directly hinged on how well our employees are engaged and the relationships they have with leadership in our company. That is why this is “Our Call to Action” to engage and develop deeper relationships so that “Caring For” each other becomes easier.

What our Clients Can Expect From Our Leadership:

To be engaged and visible in the field, removing obstacles to project execution and constantly evaluating safe guards

If anyone brings up a safety concern, we are committed to taking appropriate actions in a timely manner

We will support all efforts to lead each project into an Accident and Injury Free work environment

What we Expect from Our Employees:

Each employee has been given authority from the CEO to take corrective action on any unsafe act or condition that exists in the work place

Our mission is to simply “Live Safe and Work Safe” for the main purpose of “People Matter” and accidents are not an acceptable part of business