The Board of Certified Safety Professionals offers a certification that we want to encourage all of our employees to pursue! The Safety Trained Supervisor Construction (STSC) certification is a nationally recognized award. Safety Issues have become more complex and we all must strive to keep up with the ever-changing landscape. We all can continue our professional growth and involvement in working safe.

BCSP Ruby Sponsor Safety Certification Eldeco Inc   BCSP Safety Certification Eldeco Inc


This year, Eldeco reached Ruby Sponsor status with the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. We are now in the company of several top-ranked construction companies, including three top 15 ENR-ranked contractors. Eldeco currently has 30 certified team members. View Eldeco’s national recognition on the BCSP website.

Why is Workplace Safety Important?

The value of workplace safety is no news to Eldeco. As “safety” becomes more complex and ever changing, professional growth opportunities like STSC and STS certifications are vital in living out our company-wide mission to “Live Safe, Work Safe.”

The Ruby Sponsorship Program:

  • Enhances company reputation
  • Enhances professional credibility for individuals with maintained certification
  • Monitors nationally-accepted safety criteria through an impartial commission
  • Encourages certified individuals to stay updated on safety-related laws, regulations and licenses.

Our people matter. Thank you to all the leaders who have taken the initiative to participate!