This is how prefabrication transforms electrical construction projects.


Our prefabrication team takes a proactive approach to electrical construction. By collaborating with our engineering team early in the design process, this team identifies optimal solutions to ensure projects are completed on time, within budget, and often ahead of schedule.

Controlled Fabrication

Prefabricating electrical construction solutions in a controlled, weather-protected environment ensures our products precisely match the engineer’s specifications. That means significantly fewer weather delays, easier (and safer) installation, and less time problem-solving on the job site.

Expedited Delivery

Our prefabrication team is well-equipped to deliver agile solutions when and where our electrical construction teams need them. Through careful planning and clear communication, we ensure the right solutions are on-site precisely when they’re needed, even providing same-day delivery for local projects.

Improved Safety

By reducing on-site waste, minimizing rework, and providing easy-to-install solutions, prefabrication creates a safer environment for all teams on the construction site. Our team provides carefully crafted installation guides to ensure our prefabricated solutions are efficient, effective, and safe to use.

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With prefabrication, proactivity pays off.

There’s nothing our prefabrication team loves more than an early invitation to the design-build table. Early collaboration ensures our team can integrate prefabricated solutions throughout the electrical construction process to provide faster, safer, and more precise solutions. Prefabrication can even help reduce costs by minimizing the need for on-site expertise and proactively addressing challenges.


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Strategic Planning
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Proactive Solutions
More Efficient On-Site Construction
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Accurate Estimations and Timelines
Precision-Built Custom Solutions

Delivering better solutions through better technology.

Our prefabrication experts leverage numerous technologies to deliver ultra-precise electrical construction solutions, including pipes, panels, and gutters. One such innovation is the Trimble RTS robotic station, which converts CAD drawings into laser guides to enable our team to lay out solutions to within .030”, ensuring each component is a near-perfect match. This helps eliminate the need for manual measuring and fabrication in the field.

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Better. Faster. Safer.

Prefabrication isn’t just about reducing project costs, avoiding errors, or accelerating schedules — it’s about creating a safer environment for our people in the field. Every prefabricated solution developed by our team is designed with safety, accuracy, and ease of installation in mind.

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