Eldeco Participates in Benjamin Franklin Experience for High Schoolers Searching for a Career Path

This week, Eldeco is proudly participating in a local summer camp program called the Benjamin Franklin Experience. It’s designed to help high school students figure out what kind of career path they might be interested in taking. Each day, students spend a full day in a different profession, from medicine to journalism to culinary arts. 

The philosophy behind the program is that students can’t realistically be expected to know what kind of career they want, unless they get to see them first-hand. 

Eldeco will be hosting the students for a day in the construction industry. As an introduction, we’ve created this short video about what it’s like to work for Eldeco:

“This program gives students exposure to careers in construction that they might not have otherwise ever considered,” says Corey Arledge, Executive Director of Safety at Eldeco. “We’re changing perceptions of the industry, which in turn could help bring some much-needed young, skilled laborers to the field.”

To learn more about the program, visit https://www.franklinexperience.org/