Craig Stephanus Certificate in Safety Management

Craig Stephanus Earns Certificate in Safety Management

At Eldeco, safety is more than a set of rules. Our safety program protects the lives of our employees, and it’s engrained in every aspect of our business. No decision is made without putting safety first and foremost.

We are proud to announce that Craig Stephanus, Safety Coordinator at Eldeco, recently earned a Certificate in Safety Management from the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP). This is a tremendous accomplishment that will bring invaluable resources to the Eldeco team.

To earn this designation, Craig was required to take a series of courses in various occupational health and safety topics, including:

• Leadership Skills
• Developing safety budgets and controlling workers’ compensation costs
• Designing safety programs
• Adjusting/optimizing existing safety programs

The program must be completed in a five-year timeframe. The certificate is designed to equip safety professionals with the skills to implement a successful safety program at their own organizations that supports business goals.

A Continous Commitment to Building a Safe Workforce

Eldeco emphasizes safety in everything we do. Why? Because people are our greatest asset. At Eldeco, we encourage our safety professionals to seek out the latest in workplace safety. We ar

Craig Stephanus Certificate in Safety Management

e excited to see what Craig’s certification brings to our workplace in the coming months and years!

“Each day, whether we are at work, driving, or at home, we are faced with situations that could have a positive or negative impact on our lives and the lives around us because of the choices we make,” says Craig. “The power of safe choices cannot be underestimated; it is the difference maker.”