Eldeco National Safety Month No1GetsHurt

500 Eldeco Employees Participated in National Safety Month

Every June, thousands of organizations join the National Safety Council to observe National Safety Month. This year’s theme: “No 1 Gets Hurt.”

Focusing on the leading causes of workplace injuries and deaths, each week had a central topic:

Week 1: Emergency Preparedness
Week 2: Wellness
Week 3: Falls
Week 4: Driving

Company-Wide Toolbox Talks at Eldeco

Eldeco proudly represented the goal of safety this year with company-wide participation. Over 500 employees joined group discussions prior to beginning work each day. Building awareness is a simple and effective way to promote safety and reduce risks in the workplace, on job sites and at home.

Eldeco’s “Toolbox Talks” during National Safety Month included safety tips, risk factors and healthy living checklists.

Thank you to everyone at Eldeco who participated in National Safety Month! As always, People are our greatest asset. Our goal is to eliminate workplace safety hazards to ensure that not a single person gets hurt!

To learn more about the National Safety Council, visit nsc.org.