2018 Distracted Driving Awareness Month

If you knew that something you were doing was risking a life, would you still do it? Most of us will say, “No, of course not.” Then why do so many people drive while distracted?

Overlooking distracted driving, which has become pervasive in today’s smartphone-in-hand society, is more dangerous than you might realize. “Multi-tasking” is a myth when it comes to driving. Safe driving requires your full, undivided attention. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 9 people a day are killed in the U.S. due to a distracted driver, which adds up to 3,285 people a year. In 2016, that number was even higher, at 3,450 deaths due to distracted driving.

April has been declared Distracted Driving Awareness Month by the National Safety Council. DMV.org classifies distracted driving in 3 categories:

Visual distractions: Something that takes your eyes off the road.

visual distractions while driving Eldeco

Cognitive Distractions: Something that takes your mind off the road.

cognitive distractions while driving Eldeco

Manual distractions: Something that takes your hands off the steering wheel or your feet off the pedals.

manual distractions wile driving Eldeco

Examples of Distracted Driving

• Texting (Cognitive, Visual and Manual Distraction)
• Talking on the phone (Cognitive, Visual and Manual Distraction)
• Talking on the phone using a hands-free device (Cognitive Distraction)
• Handling the radio (Cognitive and Manual Distraction)
• Using a GPS (Cognitive and sometimes Manual Distraction)
• Using an app on your phone, such as social media, dating apps or checking email (Cognitive, Visual and Manual Distraction)
• Eating (Cognitive, Visual and Manual Distraction)
• Applying makeup, brushing your hair, etc. (Cognitive, Visual and Manual Distraction)

Take a look at the list above. How many of these distractions have you experienced before? How many of these distractions do you experience every day?

What if instead of thinking, “I can get away with it,” or “I can multitask” or “I can handle it,” you thought about the lives you were putting at risk?

When it comes to your children, significant other or friends, accidents are simply NOT acceptable. No life is worth risking for a text, a snack or a notification.

Eldeco’s CellControl Program

Eldeco uses CellControl to prevent distracted driving due to a cell phone. Not only are we protecting our investment in our equipment, but we are protecting our greatest asset – people.

CellControl Stats:

cellcontrol miles Eldeco, Inc. Greenville SC
CellControl Blocked calls Eldeco, Inc.






CellControl Blocked SMS texts Eldeco, Inc.
CellControl Blocked Apps Eldeco, Inc.






If you’re ready to make the commitment to drive cell-phone free, make the pledge! For this and other resources, visit www.nsc.org/road-safety/get-involved/distracted-driving-awareness-month/