2018 Safety Campaign: Are You S.A.F.E.?

This spring, Eldeco launched a 2018 safety campaign focused on the simple question: “Are you S.A.F.E.?” The goal is to drive awareness right up to the last minute before someone could engage in an At-Risk decision or condition.

Before starting any activity, we encourage you to:

Are You S.A.F.E.? Eldeco IncStop: Stop and think “What If?”

Assess: Assess the work area and task.

Find: Find the unrecognized hazards and identify how it
may affect your task.

Engage: Through conversations and proactive actions,
remove the obstacles or let others know prior to starting the task.

How often does a risky job site condition go unnoticed? How many workplace injuries seemingly come out of nowhere? The reality is, the majority of injuries can be prevented with a special level of awareness.

Last Minute Risk Assessment

To instill this level of awareness in all Eldeco job sites, we will be using a “Last Minute Risk Assessment.” Each employee will be carrying a card prompting them to look for these common and manageable hazards:

• Sharp edges
• Pinch points
• Fall hazards
• Struck by moving objects
• Caught between fixed objects
• Stored energy (electrical, chemical, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc.)

If one of these hazards are recognized, the crew will discuss and update the STA.

Together, we can reduce the total number of work-related injuries, including slips trips and falls, struck-by injuries, foreign body, overexertion, line of fire and more. Let’s strive for excellence in safety in 2018!