Eldeco Careers in Construction Month 2017

2017 Careers in Construction Month

South Carolina has 60,000 open positions in the construction industry that are waiting to be filled.

Sixty thousand vacant positions.

That’s sixty thousand positions that could be meeting the needs of construction companies, and in turn, the needs of South Carolina’s buildings and infrastructure. This is one of many statistics that point to the obvious: the industry has a serious shortage of skilled craft professionals.

The first step toward improvement is awareness. Join Eldeco, Inc. along with hundreds of other construction firms across the country in celebrating Careers in Construction Month this October.

Careers in Construction Month is sponsored by the National Center for Construction Education &

Research (NCCER). Careers in Construction Month has reached record-high support of 24 states, up from 19 states last year.  Throughout the month, NCCER offers resources for celebrating the hard-working men and women in the industry. These resources include classroom activities, community movements and an “I Built This” video contest.

Eldeco takes this mission to heart this month and every month. Where will 60,000 craft workers come from? Each year, fewer and fewer students are choosing construction as a career path. Let’s empower the next generation of construction workers. At Eldeco, we offer apprenticeship training to newcomers, which teaches skills in a hands-on environment.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for the construction industry! To learn more about how you can celebrate Careers in Construction Month in your community, visit: http://byf.org/best-practice