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Using the Latest Tools and Technology to Train the Next Generation of Electricians

From job sites to the classroom, Eldeco’s apprentices are taught using only the latest tools and technology. At Eldeco, we believe that the next generation of electricians should be highly trained with a sharp set of skills in everything from safety and first aid to interpreting NEC Code and blueprints.

Eldeco’s Apprenticeship Program and Real-Life Application

In a typical day of Apprenticeship training, our hands-on, demonstrative learning techniques provide real-life application and understanding. This includes:

  • hands-on demonstrations of tools and wiring
  • videos
  • pre-tabbed NEC Code Books
  • real life examples and stories shared by instructors
  • student-led presentations on topics of their choosing
  • a new, top-of-the-line facility in Greenville, SC

Not only are Eldeco’s Apprenticeship Program instructors utilizing the most effective and interactive training methods, but students are given instruction on the most cutting edge tools in the industry, such as:

  • Klein CL2000 Clamp Meter
  • Milwaukee 2676-20, FORCELOGIC™ M18™ 10 Ton Knockout Tool Kit
  • M18 cable cutter kit

More than a Classroom. An Investment.

Why is Eldeco dedicated to providing a top of the line apprenticeship experience? This four-year program goes beyond the classroom. It’s created in partnership with the National Center for Construction Education and Research, the leader in standardized training for workforce development. Right now, the industry is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers. This program equips Eldeco’s apprentices with the skills required to enter the workforce.

We’re bettering individuals who in turn, better the industry. We’re excited to see what this next generation brings to the construction and electrical design workforce in the years to come!