Safety and Learning: Why Eldeco is an “Intervening Organization”

Intervention is about taking action. It’s about looking ahead at the way a situation could play out, and working to alter the course of action.

The Eldeco team lives by five Company Absolutes. Our fifth absolute declares, “We are an intervening organization.”

A Two-Sided Approach to Intervention

Our approach to intervention is two-sided. The company intervenes to make sure our employees have the opportunities and guidance to continue their education. We also encourage our employees to take intervention into their own hands when it comes to safety.

eldeco, incLeland Busby, Vice President of our Birmingham branch, says, “We intervene every day: as a learning organization and from a safety standpoint.”

In terms of learning, Busby says, “We train and encourage our team members to be part of the apprenticeship program and continue their education.” Just as important is safety. “Everyone has the opportunity to intervene and ‘stop work,’” relates Busby.

If an employee notices a potential safety hazard, anyone can stop work to prevent an accident. At Eldeco, this is part of our culture. It’s how we handle business— and it’s how we’re able to produce quality results with minimal accidents.

A perfect example of how Eldeco intervenes is through our 2017 safety campaign to drive out Slips, Trips and Falls.


Intervention starts with leadership. All members of Eldeco’s management team have been encouraged during this safety campaign to take the time to have meaningful conversations with employees abut the impact that all of us could face with as little as one wrong step. Through project management, each employee is empowered by the examples set forth by leadership.

Being an intervening organization is why Eldeco has been successful for the past 44 years. Every one of our employees- from the management team to our electricians- can trust that Eldeco cares about their future. Looking ahead: that’s what it’s all about.