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Learning from Our Experiences

Eldeco’s fourth Company Absolute states, “We are a learning organization.”

What does that entail? “We learn from our experiences, both the good and the bad,” explains Scott Rice, General Manager at Eldeco’s Pipe and Fabrication division. “Learning turns into knowledge, which makes us better at what we do.”

Our employees are encouraged to take the fourth Absolute to heart by participating in company- and industry-wide learning initiatives.

A primary example of Eldeco’s dedication to learning is demonstrated through our NEC Code Training. This program was created in partnership with the National Center for Construction Education and Research to meet the training needs of employees in the electrical design and construction industries. Everyone from the president to project managers, engineers, and VP’s are regularly trained on NEC updates.

eldeco, inc learning organization

At Eldeco, learning is an on-going goal that lasts beyond training. Our fourth Pillar of Success in Safety, “Performance Measurement,” is a vital part of that continuous learning cycle. Through measuring our performance, we consistently seek to adjust and improve our work execution. Safety is the #1 priority at Eldeco. In order to better our work environment and guarantee safety, we must always seek learning opportunities.

Company Absolutes:

  • People are our “Greatest Asset.”
  • Accidents are not an acceptable part of doing business
  • Planning is vital in all we do
  • We are a learning organization
  • We are an intervening organization