Birmingham Safety Initiative for Vocational Training

In a time when the construction industry is facing a serious shortage of skilled workers, we love to see creative initiatives being developed that provide students with the tools they need for a successful, satisfying construction career. It’s even more exciting when Eldeco gets to play a small part in their success.

Recently, Donald Turley, corporate safety coordinator for Eldeco’s Birmingham branch, was privileged to take part in one of these new programs. Developed through a partnership between the Birmingham School System, AIDT through Alabama Workforce Training Center and Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), this creative initiative is providing safety vocational workforce training for Birmingham-area students in a construction-related field. 

The program’s goal is to give high school students the real-life, hands-on training they need to become proficient in welding, fabrication, electricians, masonry and other construction positions. The students meet in a warehouse that’s set up like an actual job site, and they’re required to wear hard hats, vests, and safety glasses, just like they would in the field.  Every participant must also complete JSA’s prior to work and plan processes as if they were working in the real world. 

Numerous construction and contract companies are supporting this effort by providing training and  materials for the students. One of these trainings is especially near and dear to Eldeco’s mission: a weekly safety meeting, held on Friday mornings.

This month, Donald Turley had the privilege of representing ELDECO at the student safety meeting. Donald provided training to about 100 students working through their high school program to become familiar with what Eldeco does in the field.   After the toolbox training to the entire group, Donald was also able to spend some time with the electrician group to let them know who ELDECO is and what we are about.

We’re excited about the development of this program in Birmingham, and hope that we’ll be seeing many more like it in the future!