Taking Safety to the Next Level

At Eldeco, our goal in creating the Live Safe, Work Safe program wasn’t just to promote a healthier and safer work environment; it was to encourage each member of our team to take the message and truly make it their own. That’s why we’re so excited to share a creative initiative that our Charlotte branch, under the leadership of Dale Caldwell, has recently undertaken.

About two months ago, a team of people comprised of corporate and branch leadership from Charlotte got together to brainstorm ideas that could help their branch elevate the Live Safe, Work Safe message to the next level. Based on their joint insights from that meeting, they created the Charlotte Safety Committee.

The Charlotte Safety Committee, comprised of Craft and Leadership, has an ambitious goal: to ensure that every one of their team members returns safely to their families each day – no exceptions. To help them reach their mission, this group has established several concrete goals:

Establish a core group of leaders made up of project managers and superintendents

Assign Craft to rotate onto the team at established intervals

Visit projects together and assess safety and at-risk behaviors

Utilize iAuditor to capture findings and share lessons with the entire Eldeco organization

This innovative idea is already having a tremendous impact on our Charlotte workforce by creatively inspiring them to live and work more safely. We know it will continue to benefit their whole team – and our wider organization – in the years to come. It’s the creativity, initiative and passion of people like Dale and his leadership team that make Eldeco what it is, and we’re so proud to have them on our team!


Members of the Charlotte Safety Committee on a recent project visit