The Key to Project Success

“A goal without a plan is just a wish,” Antoine de Saint-Exupery famously said. And while he probably wasn’t thinking about electrical contracting when he said it, it’s a statement that fits perfectly with the third value of Eldeco’s Company Absolutes.

Eldeco’s third Company Absolute is “Planning is Vital in All We Do.” Planning is the cornerstone on which each of our other Absolutes is built. Without proper planning, it would be impossible for us to provide value to our clients, effectively serve our people and work with integrity.


At Eldeco, planning is prioritized before everything else. It begins on the first of the year, when projections are made and the budget is set. It becomes even more essential when a job is bid. “That’s the critical part of planning,” says Dale Caldwell, vice president of Eldeco’s Charlotte office. “We have to plan every step.”

The reason? In construction, Caldwell explains, schedules and timing are critical. Without an effective plan, timing is arbitrary and projects fall apart.

“Planning is an absolute must,” says Caldwell. “When we start a job, if we don’t have the material there, the resources there, the employees there, it puts the general contractors and the whole project behind.”

Not only are poorly planned projects likely to fall behind, they’re also unsafe. When a project isn’t carefully planned, safety becomes an afterthought, putting every worker at risk. At Eldeco, safety is incorporated into every step of the planning process to ensure that proper safeguards are put into place before threats become a hazard.

This level of planning isn’t easy – and it doesn’t happen by accident. At Eldeco, the importance of planning is engrained in company culture and permeates everything that’s done.

There’s a good reason for that: without planning, every other Company Absolute is nothing but a wish. Effective planning is the engine that drives everything else.

Of course, careful planning comes at a cost. It requires time, energy and effort on the part of everyone from the president to each electrician on the job.But it’s more than worth the sacrifice. Eldeco’s commitment to planning allows the company to safely and consistently deliver high-quality results, on schedule and on budget. It’s also one of the key reasons that over 70% of Eldeco’s work comes from repeat clients.

“Our planning process makes us able to give our owners and general contractors the end result, which is quality work and on-time work,” Caldwell says. “That’s what we do.”