Safe for Life: National Safety Month Wrap Up

At Eldeco, our mission is “Live Safe, Work Safe.” Here, we believe that people matter, and accidents are simply not an acceptable part of business. To help us fulfill this mission, we work hard to prioritize safety, whether it’s on the job, on the road or at home.

As part of our commitment to safety and wellbeing, Eldeco recently joined the National Safety Council and thousands of organizations around the country in observation of National Safety Month. Held each June, National Safety Month is designed to reduce leading causes of injury and death at work, on the roads and in our homes and communities.

Each week in June, we focused on a key safety category that has affected our business, including power tool safety, mobile equipment safety, material handling safety and lockout/tagout safety.

In addition to weekly safety topics, we also incorporated several creative activities throughout the month, including:

• A banner for the entire team to sign, indicating their personal commitment to be “Safe for Life”
• A kids’ poster contest where each participant created a drawing to represent what safety means to them
• Weekly focus topics on “You Remember What You Know,” encouraging employees to share their personal stories about safety
• Upper management tours of job sites to thank employees for their work and encourage them to be “Safe for Life”

As Eldeco’s Safety Month came to a close, each of our team members was given a flashlight. This memento serves as a reminder that we cannot protect ourselves from what we cannot see, but if we shed light on the darkness and notice the hidden risks in every project, we can prevent accidents and live and work safely.IMG_7247

To wrap up National Safety Month, Eldeco celebrated in the best way we know how: with an employee
cookout. Burgers, hotdogs, cornhole, giant Jenga and free swag – everything you need for a great event! It was the perfect opportunity to have fun together and reflect on everything we learned.

As fun and informative as Eldeco’s June Safety Month was, the best part was the outcome. Throughout the month of June, our team worked over 100,000 hours without an injury that required treatment beyond first aid. That’s equivalent to over 600 people working injury-free for four straight weeks! In addition, we all learned how to adjust work practices to work more safely together. We’re looking forward to a great – and safe – year ahead!