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How Can Nothing… Be Something?

Nothing is the absence of something, right? Well, not exactly, according to Steve Reynolds. When it comes to accidents, zero is everything.

steve reynolds eldecoThe second value of Eldeco’s Company Absolutes is, “Accidents are not an acceptable part of doing business.” It’s an essential value to ensure the first, which is, “People are our ‘Greatest Asset.’ ”

“Construction has historically been an industry where you hear things like, ‘That’s just the way it is,’ and ‘You can’t prevent people from making bad decisions,’ ” says Reynolds, CFO of Eldeco. “But you really can (prevent) if you make sure people look for alternatives and do work in an acceptable and appropriate manner.”

Reynolds likens Eldeco’s second absolute with the South Carolina Department of Public Safety’s Target Zero Campaign. South Carolinians were asked, “What is a reasonable goal for reducing traffic fatalities in South Carolina?” Most responses were by more than 50%. When asked, “What is a reasonable goal for traffic fatalities in your family?” the answer was simple. Zero.

“To boil it down, when it’s your family – mom, dad or kids – accidents can’t be acceptable,” he added. “There’s a better way to do things, especially in construction.”

At Eldeco, safety is engrained in every job. Instead of a safety department, the entire company is trained on how to prevent accidents.

Eldeco’s safety record is worth putting on display. It drives what general contractors the company works with and it helps Eldeco attract the right talent. Professionals who are caring and dedicated to safety get hired as electricians.

“This is who we are. This is what we do,” Reynolds says.