wellness screenings at Eldeco

Employees Take Part in Wellness Screenings

When you think about how Eldeco aims to give employees the tools and resources to not just work safe but live safe, it must go beyond accident prevention. Included in the Live Safe part of our Live Safe Work Safe initiative, Eldeco looks to arm people with the information needed to make healthier decisions.

We recently completed our annual employee wellness screenings which check cholesterol, blood pressure and other important health factors. The information these screenings provide can lead to a better understanding of potential health risks for the employee. Heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes are preventable chronic diseases. Our aim is to promote, maintain and enhance the health of our employees to maximize their fitness to work safely and effectively. At Eldeco we understand that our people are our greatest asset.

We are proud to say that this year we had a 75% participation rate in the wellness screenings. Eldeco encourages all our employees to live healthier lives through this process and by actively engaging with a health care provider or Eldeco’s Wellness Nurse. As a thank you for participating, employees received a first aid kit with the Live Safe Work Safe logo.