Alabama Safety Day 2016

Eldeco Honored as Innovations Award Winner in Alabama

Eldeco Inc.’s “Live Safe, Work Safe” initiative was named a winner in the Innovations category in the 2016 Alabama Safe Day Awards presented by the Alabama chapters of Associated Builders and Contractors and Associated General Contractors of America.

The award was presented on Safety Day, May 5.

Alabama Safety Day 2016Eldeco was one of only four companies to earn the Award for Innovation in Occupational Safety Management, which recognizes innovative and creative safety management in the workplace. Winners must show not only safety benefit, but management benefits as well, such as efficiency improvements, problem resolutions and improved decision-making.

The “Live Safe, Work Safe” initiative is a companywide focus on safety. Every employee signed a “Stop Work” card, pledging to stop work activity that presents a hazard to themselves and his or her co-workers. This initiative goes beyond the workplace and encourages staff to implement safe procedures at home, too.

At Eldeco, safety of all our loved ones matter, because they matter. Eldeco does not exist without its employees, and therefore, each and every person within our organization is an essential team member.

We will use this special honor to help spread the word about what can be accomplished within our industry. We are so thankful for this honor and will continue to work toward the highest possible level of competence, integrity and ethical conduct within safety management.

To read more about safety and to join the conversation, use the hashtags #SafetyWeek2016 and #SafetyStrong.