Distracted Driving- It Can Wait

As we conclude Distracted Driving Month, we would like to share a new feature that is being added to our company vehicles. The device is called Cellcontrol(http://fleetnewsdaily.com/new-technology-to-reduced-distracted-driving-in-fleets/) the hyperlink will take you to the website where you can view a short video. Let’s face it,  we all have texted/emailed/talked while driving and statistics show that it is equivalent to or worse than driving under the influence. Our goal is to keep ourselves honest with our commitment to eliminate distracted driving across our organization.

 How it works:

 A Drive ID Sensor is installed under the rear-view mirror, charging port facing down. This device is solar charged however if it gets low, it can be charged through a USB connection.

 Once installed on the phone and in the vehicle:

 If the vehicle is in motion, Cellcontrol engages and starts blocking applications. For Eldeco, it will be texting, checking email, and talking without hands free technology. Apps that are allowed will be Music and Maps only, while the vehicle is in motion. Bluetooth Enabled Talking will be the only allowed action for making calls and receiving calls.

 One key feature this device will allow is an override by the person in the passenger seat, allowing them to use their device while the vehicle is in motion.

Since November 2015 and over 167,582 miles driven, Cellcontrol has prevented or blocked the following:

  •  25,316 Blocked Applications
  •  20,836 Blocked Texts

We are thankful to Cellcontrol for developing and providing Eldeco the technology to “Save Lives”. https://www.cellcontrol.com/press-releases/eldeco-joins-cellcontrol-in-the-fight-against-distracted-driving