Employee Appreciation

Last year at the annual managers meeting, we were introduced to the Eldeco Company Absolutes. These five statements help us stand apart to be the #1 Electrical Contractor in the Southeast and the values stated are the reason we have been in business for over 40 years.

Company Absolutes:

  • People are our “Greatest Asset.”
  • Accidents are not an acceptable part of doing business
  • Planning is vital in all we do
  • We are a learning organization
  • We are an intervening organization

In Honor of Employee Appreciation Day, we want to focus on the first Absolute, “People are our Greatest Asset.” Recently our Greenville Vice President, Mike Chapman was asked what this statement meant to him, and he summed it up as, “It’s ALL about people.” We build our business on relationships. From the Corporate Office to the individual branches and the field, it’s about the right attitude towards people. Our goal is to ask “how we can add value to an individual.”

Without our employees, we have no company. We want to thank all our team members for choosing Eldeco.

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