Live Safe, Work Safe

On Behalf of Allen and our Management Team,

 We wanted to take a few moments of your time to introduce you to a new initiative we are embarking on as a company. “Live Safe, Work Safe” is what we introduced it as during the Managers Conference and shared briefly what it meant for us. With that here is the why, “Our Call to Action” is based on nothing more than our desire to see all of our employees and their families understand Eldeco’s commitment to our core value of “People are our Greatest Asset”. By “Caring for” each other, it will transform our feelings of concern for safety into actions by all, to stamp out Unsafe Acts and Unsafe Conditions that plague our industry. By implementing “Live Safe, Work Safe” we will reiterate and promote the responsibility of all employees to stop work if it is unsafe or if there is a concern for their safety or the safety of others. Below is a short outline of the mission at hand:


You can find this information on our website by following the link below:


We will be visiting each site over the next few weeks providing each employee an overview of the initiative and  what you can expect to gain from your commitment and involvement.


Thanks in advance for your support and we are extremely excited about where this will take us in our “Journey to Conquer our Opponent, Accidents and Injuries”!