Educating the Next Generation

The Team
ELDECO accepted an invitation to come present to a community college in Charlotte. Ben Alexander, Derek Whitmire, and Traci Griswold of our Greenville branch joined both Brad Schmidt and Dale Caldwell of our Charlotte branch to educate these electrical and construction management students about the electrical specialty contracting.

The Presentation
Our goal was to bring students full circle of a project from procuring, designing, and managing a project while explaining the differing scopes of work a specially contract, industry trends and what these students should expect entering the work force. Ben Alexander, one our electrical engineers explained the designing of a project, the importance of communication and team work to get a project off the ground to run smooth. He also showed the impressive technology of BIM modeling and how this new way of design helps save confusion and cost. The next leg of a project was estimation which was discussed by Derek Whitmire. Whitmire explained the different categories that equal a competing proposal and the software technology such as Accubid that help make sure the most accurate number is presented to a client. Brad Schmidt, a project manager covered a vast amount of topics from purchasing to contract change orders as well as filled in the students on the differing electrical work between commercial, industrial, high rise construction and healthcare. Dale Caldwell, our branch manager for Charlotte explained trends in the market of specialty contracting. He also encouraged summer internships for these eager students. As a fellow graduate of CPCC, Caldwell had a great message of encouragement to the listening ears explaining attitude and ambition can help you achieve almost anything.

The Audience
Central Piedmont Community College has been a part of the Charlotte landscape for almost 50 years. It has six campuses located throughout Mecklenburg County. CPCC offers both degree and certificate programs in the electrical technology division. Apprenticeship programs can even be counted as credits toward your degree. We also had some construction management students as members of our audience. This was a great group full of questions about the industry, and our company. Inquisitive minds wanted to know the hardest part the different jobs, internships, and even job site tours as students to really get a visual of what we do.

The Goal
So many think all electrical work is the same. We want to educate the next generation to what types of construction are out there in hopes that they find what fits them best. The better equipped they are with knowledge, the better our future work force will be. CPCC is already planning a fall event with us and their students. We hope to continue to be able to share with other local colleges and give opportunities to grow back our workforce in construction.

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